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Have you ever noticed how great ideas come at the most inconvenient times?

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I was having a conversation the other day, and the idea of ‘starting from scratch’ came up. The observation was that we do things at the beginning of our businesses to build our clientele, find suppliers, technology, etc, but that we seldom revisit those things later on until some crisis forces us to. We get on to the day-to-day, doing the work, keeping the ball rolling.

But what if you made it a regular practice, perhaps every quarter, to ‘Day One’ your business?

What if you asked yourself the question, “If I was starting today, how would I do it?”

You have learned a lot since you began, and asking this question can help to clarify where…

I’ve been reading an interesting book recently: Who Not How, by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. The premise of the book is that we often start trying to solve our challenges in life and business by asking how can we solve this problem, rather than asking who can solve this problem.

I know in my own life, I’ve always been a How guy. I learn new skills to fix problems, which is fun enough but a very slow process. …

Beaver Lodge in Yellow Lake (Photo by the author)

I was out on my walk around the lake the other day, and I passed the beaver lodge. This lodge has been there as long as we’ve lived here, but I’ve never seen a beaver. No one seems to know for sure whether they are still active.

This brought to mind that old quantum mechanics thought experiment, Schrödinger’s Cat, where the cat is either dead or alive depending on whether a radioactive atom has decayed. In the experiment, the cat is only probabilistically alive. It exists in-between states. Of course, this is from the perspective of the experimenter. …

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When I work with clients, I sometimes ask this question:

What does ‘thriving’ look like to you?

It can be a challenging question since it’s sort of adjacent to success. It’s perhaps the opposite of struggle. Or at least exclusive of it.

I think of thriving in the metaphor of a garden.

A thriving garden is flourishing, with healthy plants, producing plenty of fruits and vegetables or flowers. It is a picture of life working in alignment, in balance. And while natural ecosystems often flourish on their own, when we try to ‘manage’ them, we can run into problems.


How our thoughts shape the way we see everything

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When I look at the world outside my window, I might notice a child on a bike, or a car speeding by. I might see a tree or the neighbor’s gutter, full of leaves. I might see my yard, in need of mowing, or the nice paint job on the house down the street.

My attention is guided, my interpretation of what I see is created, by the goggles I’m wearing at that moment.

I’m not talking about real goggles, though those would surely create an effect. I’m talking about psychological goggles. …

Lessons for my sons about living a joyous and adventurous life

Photo by the author – That’s my 50th Birthday cake, made by my wife

On the occasion of my 50th Birthday, I thought it’d be fun to write out 50 things I’ve learned in my life, perhaps as a gift to my sons, on how to live a good life. Some of these things are probably obvious, but a lot aren’t. And some are things I still struggle with myself, but when I can do them, magic happens. So here goes:

  1. Every person is equal. Not the same, but equal. …

Thoughts on fellowship, humanity, and thinking

You Are Here — Photo courtesy of

I’ve been thinking about the ways we relate to our fellow humans, and I found myself thinking about that word, ‘Fellow’. It’s an interesting word, originally it appears to have meant “one who lays down money with, as in a joint venture”, but shortly afterward came to mean “one of the same kind”, which is the meaning I am interested in here.

When I greet another person with the (internal, if it feels too weird) salutation, “Greetings, Fellow Human!” I have a strong sense of our common humanity, our kinship, our fraternity. Whatever illusions I held only a moment before…

John McKay

I am a coach living in the Seattle area. I work with my clients to improve their lives by adding Curiosity, Connection, Creation.

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